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Coca-Cola on Spotify

Coca-Cola has built its incredible success on the platform of being a modern, if not nostalgic, company. Associated with cars when cars first became accessible, this hip company was not going to be one to miss out on the social media trend. From the early days of social media, Coca-Cola has been an early adaptor and admired users of social media platforms.

Soft drink manufacturer, Coca-Cola, has long been a household name in much of the world. With a mission to “refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and happiness, create value and make a difference,” Coca-Cola has built an image of hot summer days and good memories. Their website illustrates the pure reach and success that this brand has, as illustrated in the screen shot below.

With the way that Coca-Cola has already embedded themselves into the mind of people around the world, they are now given a unique opportunity in social media. Coca-Cola has already built a brand that invokes overwhelmingly positive sentiment and is trusted by many. This gives Coca-Cola the opportunity to focus their energy on some of the fringe social media platforms. As a well-respected brand with the manpower and money to devote to social media, Coca-Cola is able to promote social media platforms that align with their goals. This can be seen in their new relationship with Spotify.

Spotify, a music-streaming service that brings free music to the masses, announced earlier this month at an Ad Age Digital conference that they will be partnering with brands, such as Coca-Cola. As part of each partnership, Spotify will build branded apps for each company within their music platform. To read more about this partnership, check out this article.

Since the 19th century, Coca-Cola has involved itself in the music industry. They have been active in taking on music stars in their commercials (ie Ray Charles, who wrote a radio spot for Coca-Cola in 1955, which can be seen here) and partnering with various companies to promote independent musicians and bands. Coca-Cola representatives say that being involved in music, especially through social media, is an attempt to “stay relevant to young consumers and their changing music tastes,” as well as an opportunity to exist customers to Spotify to leverage the business. As stated by Emmanuel Seuge, the head of global sports and entertainment marketing at Coca-Cola, “Spotify is becoming our global music partner, from the Olympics to other campaigns. What’s important now is not just building awareness but being a part of the conversation.”

With Coca-Cola’s approach to social media, maybe it’s time we all start keeping an eye on where they are going. History has shown us that where Coca-Cola goes, others may want to follow.


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  1. I hadn’t head about this partnership until I read this post, and I must say, I think it’s a great idea! I like the fact that they are thinking a bit outside of the box and teaming up with Spotify instead of going with the typical iTunes or even Pandora partnerships. It’s nice to see a brand that knows what channels allow it to stay consistent in its mission and marketing strategies, like continuing using music to push the brand. I’ll be interested to see where Coca-Cola and Spotify take this partnership in the future!

  2. I agree. I think it’s an off-the-wall way of getting your name out there, but at the same time, how much more publicity can Coca-Cola squeeze out??


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