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Snap Back to Reality, Oh There Goes Gravity

As a Midwestern girl who has spent the last 18 years in the academic world, I have adopted dual personalities. From about September to May, I am the hardworking, studious, focused Angela. I take pride in the work I do, I view schoolwork as a constant, and I generally stay quite focused at all times. However, from May to August, I have learned to only be that Angela part time. In other words, I work hard and play hard. This past summer, I worked at Andersen Corporation. As I’ve mentioned before (and will probably continue to mention), it was a fabulous experience. I loved learning about the organization, the work I did, and getting to know a lot of incredible people. That (along with training for the Brewers Mini, my first half marathon that’s one month away now!), was my “work hard” part of the summer. However, when I wasn’t at work or running, I was most certainly having a good time. I spent many evenings cheering on my beloved (but struggling) Minnesota Twins, laying on the beach, exploring the Twin Cities, grilling out, eating out on patios, or doing whatever else I felt like doing. What I did not do during that time was ever open my computer. Save for the random fix of Pinterest, I was enjoying my family, friends, and the great Minnesota summer weather!

But all good things must come to an end. And, frankly, that lifestyle does get tiring at times and pretty pricey. So, it’s back to Angela…Academic Version [with a twist]. That means I am back in Milwaukee at Marquette University to finish up my masters. I am already succumbing to spending a beautiful Saturday in the office working on my thesis. It also means I am back to blogging! But, this year, there’s a twist. Because this is the final year in a row of being a student and I fully intend to enjoy Grad School 2.0 by remembering all the lessons I’ve learned about being the best student I can be. Therefore, I make these vows:

I vow to…

…spend time outside of schoolwork-related activities enjoying my academic cohorts

…attend college athletic events (GO, MARQUETTE, GO GO GO GO!!!)

…attend university related events (like the PR + Social Media Summit)

…remind myself often why I am interested in what I am doing

…take an evening off every once in a while

…learn from the intelligent and fascinating people I’m surrounded by

…embrace my days of camping out at various coffee shops to do homework/grade

…celebrate each milestone in my thesis completion

…thank God for the opportunities I’ve been given

…go to all the places on my “to see” list for Milwaukee

…allow my students to help me be the best TA I can be

I’m sure I’ll think of more things as the year goes on, but the bottom line is that I’m excited for this year and I’m excited to share with you what I learn throughout the year. Stay tuned!


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  1. I’m with you on all on them! well apart from thesis related and TA stuff :D. I will add not panicking every time i have to submit an assignment. :D. Will come post if i think of anything else! 🙂

  2. Go Angela! You are going to do great!! 😀

  3. John Gillstrom

    You have a great outlook on the coming academic year, Angela. God bless you.


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