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Say Something

A local pastor recently said, concerning blogs, that there has never been a time in history where so many people have had so much to say about so little to so few. And the congregation erupted in laughter. And, although I appreciated the clever wording, I was a little concerned by the humor of the statement.


Among the babbling going on all around us, how are public relations professionals suppose to be heard on blogs? By applying dating rules. That’s right, everything you need to know to be successful in blogging, you can learn from dating (unless you’re a hopeless case when it comes to dating. In that case, you have other problems.)

1) Include information that is useful: If you go on a date and just keep running your mouth without saying anything, you’re probably not going to get a second date. To get a second date, you must be interesting.

2) Frequently update the site and generate new content: Many relationships have fallen victim to routine and a lack of spontaneity. A predictable relationship does not generate excitement, so add some

3) Make sites easy to use and navigate: No one likes a relationship that feels like it is always a lot of work. Relationships involve a level of work, but the work should never outweigh the reward.

4) Strive to keep people on the site: Relationships building takes time, so dating is a process of spending time together to build a relationship. Spending time in dialogue allows for relationships to be fostered.

Consider these four simple points when writing your next blog post. Don’t become one who is saying nothing…say something…and say it well.