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DiaSorin Inc.

Who is DiaSorin:

“With more than 40 years of international experience, the DiaSorin Group develops, produces, and distributes immunoreagent kits for clinical diagnostics. Thanks to its well established expertise, specifically in the immunodiagnostics market, DiaSorin has become “the” in vitro diagnostics specialist. Over the years, by making available to the medical profession tests that can provide optimum guidance in making clinical decisions, DiaSorin has contributed to improving the delivery of health care and reducing its cost.”

I served as the marketing intern for the summer of 2010 at DiaSorin. I worked primarily on preparing for the year’s largest diagnostics tradeshow, AACC, along with market research. I worked with vendors to create a new look for the AACC booth and publications. I also learned InDesign in order to create the year’s show book for internal distribution.

Here’s an example of the design created in collaboration with a vendor:

Here’s an example of the 2010 AACC Show book, which I created (approx. 20 pages):


To learn more about DiaSorin, click here.


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