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Sorry for Party Rocking

I’ve broken a key rule of blogging…I have neglected my blog. And while I sometimes feel guilty for this, I sometimes don’t as well. As a person devoted to going into communication, with a particular interest in social media, this is bad. Very bad. Who’s going to want to hire the girl who can talk the talk but not walk the walk? On the other hand, as a 23 year old woman, this is good. Very good. Because this means that I’m out enjoying my last summer. Yes, that’s true. The last summer. With one year remaining of grad school and no intention to continue on full time (right away at least), this is my last true summer of doing my summer thing and then going back to school. Which is all I’ve ever known, so this is big.

Now, it may sound like I’m making excuses. And I may be. But I am going to make an effort to at least back up my excuse a little with some info on what I’ve been spending my time on (instead of blog writing).

Example Number One: I’ve spent time out on the lake…because that’s what you do in the summer in Minnesota. It’s a rough life.

Example Number Two: I experienced my first casino…with one of my best friends, Andy Belter, who lives in China, and his girlfriend, Hanna, who I got to meet for the first time! We had an awesome weekend…and I won $20!

Example Number Three: I’ve enjoyed some baseball. There’s nothing better than outdoor baseball in the summer! I’ve worked in baseball the past two summers. I miss being at the ballpark all the time, but having weekends off has been incredible. And I still get to go experience both the St. Paul Saints and the Minnesota Twins!


Example Number Four: I’ve gotten to enjoy the Twin Cities. Everyone who knows me knows that I think these cities are awesome. If you ever want a tour, let me know!


Example Number Five: I’ve enjoyed spending time in my adorable hometown, Stillwater, MN. Located outside of the Twin Cities, Stillwater is a summer day trip for lots of families in the area…with good reason! Another place I’d love to give anyone a tour of!


Example Number Five: I’ve had an awesome internship! I definitely owe you all more information on this one, but that’ll have to be later. Here’s some pictures of some of the events I’ve gotten to do as an intern at Andersen Corporation!


And much, much more! A baby shower for my cousin, a wedding for another cousin, drinks downtown Stillwater, tubing down the Apple River, fun times with friends….

It’s been a great summer! I’m sad that the end is so quickly approaching, but I promise to post more when I stop having so darn much fun away from my computer!