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The Creative Side of SM

As social media gains popularity and businesses become more comfortable with the idea, the creative side of social media is emerging. I recently happened upon a couple unique ways of using social media. I’ll outline each of them for you here to see what you think of them, before I chime in with my thoughts in a couple days. Are these good ways of using social media? Are they using the appropriate tools? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

The ONC:

The ONC is actually a social networking site created for oncology nurses and other health care professionals working on cancer care teams. The ONC is meant to function as a forum where these groups can communicate and share ideas with one another. The site’s goal, as listed on their website, is “to support and connect oncology nurses, encourage knowledge sharing and optimize cancer care.” The site aims to get away from the top down mentality of gaining knowledge and encourage people to learn from their peers. This site includes blogs, message boards, videos, quizzes, a resource library, and a calendar of events.

KLM Royal Dutch Airline:



KLM Royal Dutch Airline, part of Air France KLM, will now allow airline passangers to choose their seatmate using their social networks. Still in the development process, this program will link to Facebook and LinkedIn. Opt in only, there is still a debate as to whether or not passangers would be required to accept seat pairings. This is not the first of the airlines to incorporate social networking sites into their travel experiences, but it is a bold proposal. The question is, is this something the airlines are doing to try to stay hip or is it something passangers actually want and will use?

So, what do you think? Are these productive uses of social media? Genious or overzealous? Let me know what you think!


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  1. I believe that the ONC is a great way to use social media. Working with cancer patients everyday and becoming close with them, many of which pass away, can be a very tough job. The ONC seems like a nice support group and a way for them to connect with others that see the same things they do everyday. It seems as if they are using a wide variety of tools, so they are exploring the many facets of social media. The only drawback I could see to this is issues with confidentiality. Although I am sure they are all aware of this and keep it in mind while using the site.

  2. Would definitely recommend that you link to the two examples outlined here. ONC is a great example of how to use connectivity and networks to improve communication within the healthcare industry. Companies on the front edge of this adoption curve will stand to benefit, and so will their patients in the case of ONC.


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